I came across a question that is not a duplicate, however it's been marked incorrectly as a duplicate.

The question is how to extract a substring in bash

There are specific differences. The linked item is about substrings based on delimeters, while the original question is purely substrings. This has resulted in very different answers and the accepted answer for the alleged duplicate question is valuable.

So how does one question the fact that it has been flagged as duplicate? I cannot comment on the question as the vote has completed. However it is apparent to someone familar with the technical nature of the questions that they are in fact different.

Clarification: It’s possible that the question is a duplicate of a different question, just not the question that has been stated it is the duplicate of.

So, it does seem odd that was marked as a duplicate? A supposed duplicate of what thought? – JakeGould May 14 '14 at 1:44
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Depending on your profile reputation here, you might be able to see a reopen link as in the attached screenshot. If you believe it is not a dupe & have a strong opinion on that, just flag the question with specific details. A moderator will review & can most likely vote to reopen it!

enter image description here

Thanks for that. I wasn't sure about flagging it, but have now done so :-) – Metalskin May 14 '14 at 1:42

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