Take this question into consideration. It was closed as a duplicate of two questions:

duplicate header

In the comments of that question, there are links to three duplicate questions. This seems to be the goal of closing questions as duplicates - other, relevant, duplicate questions should be linked in order to serve as a reference to future users. In doing so, some questions may cover aspects that the other question(s) fail to. In addition, wording and explanations may also be different.

Now that gold badge holders can cast binding duplicate close votes, they may be the only ones to vote to close a particular question. In other words, the question can only be closed as a duplicate of one question in cases like these.

Recently, a gold badge holder voted to close a question as a duplicate. Another gold badge holder disagreed and reopened the question which ended up being closed as a duplicate of another question anyways. Had it taken five votes to close the question, I'm sure there wouldn't have been a problem because the question could simply be closed as a duplicate to multiple questions.

In cases like these, would it be beneficial to allow users to add in additional duplicate questions after the question has been closed? Other duplicates can obviously be linked to in the comments, but it would be more official if users were able to add additional questions in the duplicate header.

Additionally, would it be beneficial to allow a gold badge holder to add in multiple duplicate questions when voting to close a question? In other words, if i'm the only one voting to close a question, would it be beneficial if I could add in multiple questions so that they would appear in the header?

In the example you discuss the question would have not been reopened because there is only one person who thinks it's not a duplicate, even though a bunch of people think it is. I don't see this requested feature as being something that would have affected that example. –  Servy May 13 at 17:00
@Servy Maybe not. I guess the relevancy of that question is that it was closed as a duplicate of this, but is now closed to this. You are probably right though. –  Josh Crozier May 13 at 17:14
You're assuming that the person who first closed it would have used this functionality to close the question as a duplicate of both questions. I'm not so sure that would have happened. –  Servy May 13 at 17:20
My assumption was that they would have used the functionality to add in the additional question after it had been closed. Not sure if that would have happened either though, that's why I'm wondering if there would be any benefits in this functionality. –  Josh Crozier May 13 at 17:24
I'd love to have the possibility to close a question as duplicate of multiple questions. Often a question can be solved by combining the solutions from two other questions, the OP just have to put the dots together. It might also help the OP to think about problems differently in the future. Rather than seeing a problem as one monolithic thing, they are composed of multiple subproblems, which can be solved individually. –  Felix Kling May 13 at 17:51
Not that long ago, a question on SO could get 2 or 3 answers. How can anybody possibly object to getting more than 1 good answer? –  Hans Passant May 13 at 18:41
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The ideal scenario is that duplicates questions are closed against the best reference question, the one ring to rule them all.

The ability to get questions closed quickly (if they are genuine duplicates) trumps the value of having multiple duplicate targets.

While I agree that closing superpowers is basically the Best Thing Ever, the two features don't have to be mutually exclusive. –  roippi May 13 at 19:26
Yes, but the multiple close targets thing was always tied to non-binding votes. As a mod, I've never had the capability to specify multiple targets (since my vote is binding), so I try to find the best possible duplicate, rather than multiple duplicates. I've never asked for the capability because I can always put a comment below the question linking the other related posts. –  Robert Harvey May 13 at 19:42

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