I have found 4 separate tags that appear to address exactly the same topic: , , , and . Is it possible to merge all of these tags?

Eventually, I hope that each of these tags will be disambiguated into and , which are about natural language translation and programming language translation, respectively.


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It seems to me something slightly different should be done.

should be burninated, IMO. The 116 current questions are about no one technology or platform.

I would think should go the same way as translator. It is used as a form of translate: what would the word “is” mean in an algorithm in c++, but also for topics like translate to Japanese.

to me sounds like working with working with 2D/ 3D graphics. For example myObject.Translate(x, y); but it looks like the average question is actually referencing is the wiki definition:

To translate means to convert a program written in one language into a semantically equivalent program written in another, usually a lower lever, language

This is what I would define as to or but it looks like it has found a good home, regardless if the term is a little ambiguous on its own merit.

Finally, and its wiki entry meet what I would define translation as :

Translation is the process of replacing strings in an application or website to make interfacing with the application or website easier for people from countries with different languages.

But many of the questions refer to porting code, and not what the wiki suggests they should be about. I would say ideally this should be cleaned up.

In short:

No, I don't think it's a good idea to delete any of these tags. It would be much better to disambiguate them into source-to-source and machine-translation. –  Anderson Green May 12 at 21:12
Ideally I agree, but if each of translating's 16 question is disambiguated and moved elsewhere to be more accurate of the question, why not burninate or delete the tag? –  Austin French May 12 at 21:18

Clean-up is in progress.

(x107) - Targeting removal - Done

(x12) - Targeting removal - Done

(x707) - Cleanup? - To Do

(x2230) - Cleanup? - To Do


Someone's being overzealous. This question had the "translator" tag removed (with no replacement added), even though it's clearly about language translation.

That is about porting or converting one language to another. Different concept. But you do make a good point that it needs [source-to-source] on it. –  JasonMArcher Aug 26 at 3:38
@JasonMArcher - I've always heard the concept referred to as "translation". That and translating human languages are the two "legitimate" uses of the term, IMO. –  Hot Licks 2 days ago
In natural language yes, but we are talking about tags on StackOverflow, which should really have one meaning. –  JasonMArcher 2 days ago

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