This seems to be a subset of tags, since most of those questions also have , . Most of them is about collapsing an element of a menu and seems like a tag with lack of usefulness, in the same category as . Apparently there's no need to cleanup, since all the questions already have their fitting tags.

Should we let join the current downfall of all the bad tags?

the number of the beast... –  tbodt May 10 at 21:53
Add the [collapse] tag to this question. I'm unsure if that would solve or cause the problem you worry about. –  nwp May 10 at 21:58
The only worry is meta collapsing from too many silly spam questions! –  Henrik Erlandsson May 10 at 22:02
Is it still Friday somewhere? –  Andrew Barber May 10 at 23:33
@AndrewBarber I'm sure it is Friday on one of the moons of Jupiter –  psubsee2003 May 11 at 0:14
The number of questions went down to 665... the Neighbor of the Beast. –  TheQZ May 11 at 2:10
666 is a fantastic number, why worry? It's equal to the sum of squares of the first seven primes, i.e. 2² + 3² + 5² + 7² + 11² + 13² + 17². It has a pretty interesting representation in Roman number system: DCLXVI. I'd say that freeze the tag. –  devnull May 11 at 2:18
@devnull I see that you are a believer in numerology D: –  Braiam May 11 at 23:09

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