looks like a mess. Of its 29 total questions, 15 (50%) have nothing obvious to do with discussion boards. Of the remainder, 11 appear to be about SharePoint discussion boards. The other 3 relate to building discussion boards with other technologies.

That's 15 crappy questions (trust me, I checked) that need the tag removed. The 11 SharePoint questions could use a new tag like with less ambiguity. The other 3 - do they really need a tag to say that they're building a discussion board?

15 out of 29 isn't actually 50%; it's about 51.72%. –  Alex May 23 at 1:29
@Alex Actually, it's 51.724137931034482758620689655172%. But 50% 1 is close enough, 2 sounds better. –  michaelb958 May 23 at 1:51

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