Recently I comment on a question in Stackoverflow. The OP has replied me in comment which was showing in my inbox box previously.

enter image description here

Then I again write a comment to first user Rahul Gupta and he replied me. We both deleted our comments but my inbox is still showing me his comment.

enter image description here

And after this my inbox stop showing me comment of OP in inbox.

Once you viewed the notification, it will stay in your inbox forever even if its related content (question, answer, comment) is deleted. This is by design. –  Shadow Wizard May 7 at 11:54
@ShadowWizard okey, but then why it is not showing me OP's comment ? –  Kedarnath May 7 at 12:01
See the "2 comments"? it means only the latest comment is shown. You should see the Op's comment in your full inbox though: –  Shadow Wizard May 7 at 12:07
@ShadowWizard yes you are correct, Thanks :) –  Kedarnath May 7 at 12:18
No problem! :-) –  Shadow Wizard May 7 at 12:21

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