I know there is a share function of StackOverflow question/answers, but I need to copy the share link to my blog/LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter manual. I hate it, I want to do it automatically.

I don't want to write an automatically tool to catch the share url then paste into my blog/LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter automatically.

I just want a javascript code likes google maps, google analysis. I just need to put it at my blog/LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter. Then it will automatically list my newest StackOverflow questions/answer without any operations. It does save my time.


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So you're basically looking for some kind of integration between Stack Overflow and 3rd-party sites like Facebook and Twitter, where your Stack Overflow activity is automatically posted to those social networks, correct? The Stack Exchange doesn't have anything like that built-in that I'm aware of, but someone might have built a plugin for it over at Stack Apps or something. – user456814 May 7 '14 at 3:26
Yes, I am looking for integration between Stack Overflow and 3rd-party sites like Facebook and Twitter. – Weimin Ye May 7 '14 at 3:27

If This Then That can probably help you here.

Essentially, it is a service that acts as a bridge between different web services.

So, for instance, you could use your user feed (which you can find in the lower right of your user profile page) in the Feed Channel and trigger off of a new item, setting your Action (the "That") to be whatever is appropriate: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

For instance, here's a recipe that Tweets someone's Stack Overflow activity. You can modify it to your purposes.

In fact, there are quite a few Stack Overflow recipes.


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