I have really enjoyed being part of the StackOverflow community for for some time now. In fact I've answered more than 10% of all questions ever asked on SO.

One thing I noticed during my time is that there's some fragmentation that can really hurt people looking for answers and so I request that, at the least, a synonym be created for this tag to better organize things.

The vast majority of new questions tagged are for the new HTML <canvas> element. Upwards of 90% of them.

Since the <canvas> element will far outlive the descriptor "HTML5" I strongly recommend keeping as the main tag, and having (a little-used tag in comparison) as a synonym.

Some have tried to edit the description of the Canvas tag to include the concept of canvas on all platforms (ie Android's Canvas and WPF's Canvas). I think this is a mistake. Tags are only useful if they are for one and only one topic. Specifically these two get moved to and , respectively.

And so I recommend that the tag should be a synonym of the tag.

Up to date stats:

The tag has over 4000 questions

664 of them are also tagged . Many of these are legitimate questions about HTML5 Canvas on Android. Others ought to be tagged because they refer to the android.graphics.Canvas and should not "pollute" the canvas tag. I occasionally go through and sort these out.

209 of them are also tagged . Probably every single one of these should be tagged and not because they are merely referring to the specific WPF control. If there's a way to mass reassign wpf+canvas to be wpf+wpf-control I would recommend it be done. I try to sort out any new questions that arise like this, and if there's a way to do something like a mass-edit it would be very helpful for organizing the tags.


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Any and all non-HTML-canvas questions would need to be removed from the existing tag before making it a synonym would be realistic. At first glance, there would be at least a thousand, or one third of all of the questions in the tag. –  Charles Jan 18 '12 at 17:38
Canvas has 3,600 questions and 627 of them also have the tag android, however several of these relate to HTML5 Canvas on Android devices and not the native Android canvas. There are 224 in Canvas+Wpf, presumably all should be converted into Wpf-controls+Wpf. The percentage is not as high as one third, possibly around 20%, though making html5-canvas a synonym would reduce that number further, and I see no reason that they would have to be removed before making it a synonym if it only serves to aid in keeping the tag's singular purpose. –  Simon Sarris Jan 18 '12 at 18:19
I support this suggestion. Just tried creating synonym "canvas" -> "html-canvas" but couldn't due to (incorrect) error of "Version specific synonyms can only be created by moderators". "html5-canvas" is certainly not "version specific" version of "canvas". –  kangax Oct 23 '13 at 10:38
I don't get how this isn't done yet. the tag wiki clearly states that canvas is for HTML5 canvas. (and I quote: "Canvas is a drawing element introduced to web development with HTML5. For Android or WPF, use android-canvas or WPF-controls."). –  rlemon May 6 at 19:09
I still have concerns on this one. Canvas is a generic term, and people use generic terms in tagging all the time, because people have the average tagging skill of a boiled turnip. We should be burninating the tag by mass-retagging everything not HTML5-related to an unambiguous tag with a single possible use and a single possible definition. –  Charles May 7 at 2:08
Since there's already android-canvas and html5-canvas, wouldn't it be better to be unambiguous and just re-tag all canvas tags to the appropriate *-canvas? Then the ambiguous canvas tag could be removed. Perhaps html5-canvas could be a synonym for html-canvas if <canvas> will out-live html5. –  cpburnz Sep 16 at 15:43

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