I don't know if anyone is feeling the same as me, but the text editor of SO is just awful for editing code. For example:

  • You cannot quickly indent a line with tab. If you press tab, the text editor loses focus and the focus moves somewhere else.

  • You cannot decrease the indent level quickly (for example with shift + tab)

All of the above can be done with the text editor used by Github. Can SO please improve its text editor? At the moment, every time I need to copy/paste a piece of code into my SO question I had to copy it into my text editor (Sublime Text) to increase/decrease the indentation first then copy it back to the SO editor. It's very annoying.

Don't edit code in the editor. I know that seems counter-intuitive, but you should nearly always be pasting in working code. The same code that gave you the error. Otherwise you just create errata. –  dmckee May 4 at 1:17
Also, indentation should generally be using spaces here, anyway. Much as I personally prefer tabs, spaces are what triggers code block detection. And, if you're using them, the little { } button (or its keyboard equivalent, CTRL+k) on the menu bar will add the indentation needed to a whole block at once. –  Billy Mailman May 4 at 1:21
the problem is, for example, many times my code is multi-level indented, so to make it looks nice on SO I had to reduce the indentation, I can't just paste it in as-is. Not to mention not all the time I paste code in there, sometimes I type code in to answer a question as well –  Chin May 4 at 1:23
While it's not completely intuitive, you can use ctrl-K to indent and dedent code. –  icktoofay May 4 at 1:24
also by saying "pressing tab" I don't say that it will have to insert tabs. It can insert multiple spaces also. This is also configurable by the user with the github text editor. –  Chin May 4 at 1:24
@dmckee I can see how this benefits asking a question but most of the time I give code examples in my answers. To go back and forth between SO and an editor is not a great solution. –  hitautodestruct May 20 at 8:44
@hitautodestruct Er ... I generally run the code in my answers as well. I agree that you can often answer simple question without that step, but once you code is complicated enough to need a lot of formatting the chances of introducing an error go up. In any case, I am not among the downvoters here, I just don't prioritize this very high. –  dmckee May 20 at 13:15
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