I've added a bounty to this question: Can I use Chrome Web Store payments with OAuth 2.0

However, I've since managed to come to the (somewhat complicated) answer on my own. The current provided answers do not answer the question at all. Although one of them has an upvote, it's not even remotely correct.

What do I do in this situation?

  • Answer the question myself?
  • Allow the bounty to expire, giving the user with the one upvote half the bounty even though the answer is incorrect?
  • Edit the user with the upvotes answer to provide the correct solution?
  • Something else I haven't thought of

There are still 3 days left on the bounty, so who knows, someone might get to the correct answer eventually. In which case this is a hypothetical.

I would at least put up your own correct answer and explicitly stating that as such to prevent anymore upvotes on the wrong answer for your question. –  rene May 2 at 9:03
He wouldn't get half the bounty with only 1 upvote. You need a score of at least 2 to be eligible for auto-award. At this point when the bounty expires, it will just disappear. –  animuson May 2 at 12:28

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