I've noticed that after ~ 1 day of asking a question, the chance of a response (answers or comments) drops to almost zero. This is fine if the question has been resolved but not so good if the question remains 'active' (hasn't received an answer or an accepted answer). Aside from placing a bounty on the question, what else can be done to attract attention a) from the point of the question asker and b) from the point of Stack Overflow i.e. provide more filtering options on the list of questions etc?

in regard to a) if the question can be improved then doing so will bump it to the top of "active" –  OGHaza Apr 29 at 10:53
Give the question a better title to attract the right attention right away because depending on the tags you use it could be competing in a field that receives ~1 question per minute. Some people say this site is going downhill due to an onslaught of garbage questions so make sure yours is not one of them. Read More –  MonkeyZeus Apr 29 at 14:45
In that case, maybe the garbage questions need to be addressed? Or more specifically, the garbage users? –  henrywright Apr 29 at 14:47
You're preaching to the choir my man. Feel free to weigh in on the larger issues at hand especially ones regarding moderation tactics. Kudos for taking an interest in this community :) –  MonkeyZeus Apr 29 at 14:48
Other sites on the StackExchange network are not affected by this plague yet but I am pretty sure that it's creeping up at superuser.com –  MonkeyZeus Apr 29 at 14:51
@MonkeyZeus will do! I'll head over to the debate now and have a read... Thanks for pointing it out –  henrywright Apr 29 at 14:51
No problem! There are actually several good, active discussions on this broader topic so if I come across more that I've found then I will try and remember to link you to them. Also this is my personal favorite answer: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/252077/2191572 –  MonkeyZeus Apr 29 at 14:55
Funny, that is the answer I read to begin with! Completely agree with the 4 camps of user although I think there is a case for a 5th camp - I'd call them phantom users - they ask a single low-quality question never to be seen again. –  henrywright Apr 29 at 15:03

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