I get the same error whether it's on a Mac mini or PC for this particular content when submitting the question. There is no indication anywhere indicating what problem produces the error. That is, there is no popup nearby explaining the error and how I can fix it. I'm going to paste the question here so you can see if there is something I missed. If I get the error again, I'm going to submit this without the content:

[I get the same error message, so I'm submitting without the content.]

I notice a floating pale yellow box with How to Format off to the right. Is that a clue? I can't see anything incorrectly formatted. –  Steve Apr 28 at 18:33
If the problem was with the content you would get an error message stating so. This generally means the site couldn't connect to the server, or the JS code errored out due to some unexpected reason, or some other type of unexpected error. –  Servy Apr 28 at 18:35
@Servy This isn't helpful LOL –  Steve Apr 28 at 18:35
Could you make your question available somewhere else? In a Gist or Pastie perhaps? pastie.org –  Bart Apr 28 at 18:39
Uh, that's completely helpful. Are you blocking scripts at all? Are you in a place where they might be blocking certain sites or CDN's? –  patricksweeney Apr 28 at 18:39
@patricksweeney I'll ask IT now... –  Steve Apr 28 at 18:42
Here's the full question: gist.github.com/StevenHu/11380531 –  Steve Apr 28 at 18:45
@patricksweeney IT doesn't see any blocks here. [Later:] IT asked me to try again. I deleted the original post and created a new question/answer and now it works. –  Steve Apr 28 at 18:51
From IT: "the site has cross scripting which is a no-no, but I made an exception." –  Steve Apr 28 at 18:59
@Steve "The site has cross scripting which is a no no", does your IT live in a cave or something? Haven't they heard of CDNs? You should encourage your IT to educate themselves on how the internet works and what cross site scripting (XSS) means, and what actually enables it (This is a good page to start owasp.org/index.php/Cross-site_Scripting_(XSS) ) –  Benjamin Gruenbaum Apr 28 at 19:08
@BenjaminGruenbaum I sent him the link. –  Steve Apr 28 at 19:44

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