I just got a flood of irrational downvotes. I am quite sure it's a user from this question, where I have downvoted several incorrect answers (may also not be).

Is there anything that I can do regarding this flood of downvotes?

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Take it with pride. You've got a fan :) I've got a few myself... –  jww Oct 25 at 17:34

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Don't worry. There is a system in place which will pick this issue up (at 3am UTC) and will reverse it. There is nothing you need to do.

Thanks. Still annoying. –  Leo Natan Apr 26 at 12:53
How accurate is this timer? I suspect i have a (small) serial downvote that occurred at about 2:30 UTC and its now 4:30 UTC. Should I just wait til tomorrow? –  BradleyDotNET Jun 11 at 4:31
@BradleyDotNET if I'm looking at the correct events, those are spread out enough to not be caught and might not necessarily be suspicious. But you can always follow the remaining advice in the post I linked. –  Bart Jun 12 at 9:37
How does it work with daily rep-cap calculation –  Jigar Joshi Jul 11 at 21:32
and what happens to the user who did this ? –  Jigar Joshi Jul 11 at 21:38
@JigarJoshi: The votes are removed as if they didn't happen. Your reputation cap is then re-applied after recalculation. There are no automatic flags, so nothing happens to the user doing the voting, not directly. However, if there is a pattern of abuse like this, moderators will deal with the user. –  Martijn Pieters Jul 16 at 12:24
Ah, thanks @MartijnPieters, seems I missed those comments. –  Bart Jul 16 at 12:25
@Mar Thanks! <!--> –  Jigar Joshi Jul 16 at 15:10
Hummm... Yesterday night (UK DST time) I've received downvotes in 5 of my answers and in the night before, 2. They happened in a serie and the system reversed just 3 of them. Will the script patch up the other downvotes too? All because I tried to make it clear to an OP what's SO about (wanted to be spoon-fed). –  MelanciaUK Sep 9 at 14:58
If it reversed just 3, that's all it's going to reverse @MelanciaUK. It won't revisit at a later point. –  Bart Sep 9 at 15:16
Oh my. So I've lost those rep for good. Alright then. Thanks for clarifying. –  MelanciaUK Sep 9 at 15:22
Yep @MelanciaUK. At most you could poke a mod via an "other" flag on one of the questions to pass it on to a dev. But just as a "possible edge-case it missed" and not as a "can I have my rep back please". The latter is probably not going to happen. –  Bart Sep 9 at 15:29
I'm OK with that. To gain rep has never been my aim here. It's just frustrating that you have some answers chosen, fairly high upvoted, and some moron just comes by and messes up with them. –  MelanciaUK Sep 9 at 15:40
Yes, there's a automated system in place to remove any spam downvotes/upvotes/flags on questions. A couple of months ago I admit upvoting all the questions that a friend on their SO account had asked. The next day my rep was up +30 and the upvotes I had placed no longer existed. –  cybermonkey Oct 1 at 21:51
Me too, between 27th and 29th of June, my questions are downvoted –  Joe Taras Oct 16 at 10:38

The automatic serial vote script should pick this up, but if in the unlikely event it doesn't clear them all wait until the next day and should any suspicious down-votes remain flag one of the posts for moderator attention using the "other" option and explain what happened.

We'll take a look and if it is the case that the script missed any we'll talk to the community team and see if we can get them reversed manually.

I mention this only for completeness. I can think of only one or two occasions when the script has failed to completely clean up this sort of behaviour.

Thanks for letting me know! –  Leo Natan Apr 26 at 15:35
The same thing just happened to me. Does any disciplinary action besides reversal of voting occur? It would seem to me that the proper way to deal with this would be to revoke the person who did it's voting privileges for some period of time. –  Andon M. Coleman May 26 at 4:10
@Andon as the removal process is automatic there's no human involved to issue a suspension. However if the downvotes keep happening then there are steps we can and do take. –  ChrisF May 26 at 7:05
What happens if a serial down-voter has found a way to game the system; so instead of 5 down-votes at once, there's one a day for 5 days? I very rarely get down-votes so getting one a day every day for 5 or 6 days in a row on old posts is unusual. This is currently happening to me and I'm hoping a mod can step in to take a look. Thanks. –  Sparky Oct 19 at 22:43

Just as a follow-up, not only was the serial downvoting reversed, but it looks like whoever did it might have been removed (forcibly or otherwise) from the system:


Good riddance.

Nice, thanks for letting me know! I recently had again a flood of downvotes which was reverted; could be the same user. –  Leo Natan Aug 5 at 18:35
@LeoNatan or it could be a completely different user. Stack Overflow has 3.4 million registered users. You can't expect all of them to play nice :P –  Cupcake Aug 5 at 18:44
Sure. But in the email I got as a response, it was said that they "would have a word" with the user. No idea, don't care who it is, as long as they stay away from me and my ++. Unless they want to ++ according to the merit of my answers. –  Leo Natan Aug 5 at 18:45
@Cupcake-Does the same happen with serial upvoting? Just curious to know! One can make benefit from that too! –  shekhar suman Aug 5 at 19:01
@shekharsuman yes, it works in reverse too. If your friend starts to upvote a bunch of your posts in an abusive pattern, then those upvotes will be reversed as well. –  Cupcake Aug 5 at 19:09
Looks like Stack Overflow is extremely master-mindedly designed and developed. Love SO and thanks @Cupcake for reply! –  shekhar suman Aug 5 at 19:11

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