Just going through some questions, I realized that some of the questions do not make any sense at all although the answers do.

So why there is no favorite tag on answers? What if someone wants to make it a favorite answer?

@owlstead:What about other users, such as I am looking for a question which is already by asked some other user and I want to make that answer my favorite answer.? –  P.K 普 Apr 25 at 18:19
I am unsure of what in this context "favorite" means, can you elaborate? Like the favorite question star? –  PlasmaHH Apr 25 at 21:49
You can upvote the answer. When you come back later (presumably because you favorited the question), the upvoted answers readily stand out. –  Kirk Woll Apr 26 at 13:50
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There may be new answers that make more sense. Actually that happens a lot especially on questions with high vote counts. Instead of focusing on an answer you already know, it is better to quickly browse through the answers to see if there are important updates.

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