It occassionally happens that a post or comment is flagged in error. Perhaps one's finger slipped and the wrong tiny icon was clicked. Perhaps the text was misread and a subsequent reading makes one wish that it hadn't been flagged. Or perhaps one has finally had some coffee and is better equipped to deal with the world.

In any event, it sure would be nice to remove one's own flags out of the flag queue.

Certainly on Stack Overflow there are just a ton of flags to deal with, and if I can remove one of my own myself I'd reduce that pile ever so slightly. I also really don't want to waste someone else's time when I know that the flag is going to be declined.

The simplest interface I can think of is to simply allow one to click the "active" icon on{user-id} to cancel a flag. I'd also think there'd be a "Do you want to cancel this flag?" confirmation, and that the "this user has already flagged this item" bit would still be set to prevent mischief. (In much the same way that you can retract a vote to close, but then you can't vote to close a second time.)

Completely agree, there are a few feature requests on this on the main meta. These may be ones you wish to support; Can we have a way to undo a flag? or Cancel misclicked flags –  Richard Tingle Apr 25 at 13:08
It's actually worse than that, you might also have flagged a post for missing information, which is then added later on, but you have no way of cancelling your flag. –  h2ooooooo Apr 25 at 13:23
So we want to undo flags, but we don't want to undo votes? –  Cypher Jul 16 at 21:59
It should be exactly the same as up-voting a comment (a comment, not a question or answer). You should be able to flag a chat message, and then un-flag it, but then you can't flag it again. –  aliteralmind Jul 27 at 4:04
Now I have an urge to "accidentally flag." @aliteralmind good idea I second this. –  User123456789 Jul 28 at 11:50

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I agree and I'd like to see this. I'm not quite sure why this post isn't receiving attention, because I'd think that, while I don't yet have enough rep to review flags, anything to reduce the massive pile of them would be appreciated. As @h2ooooooo pointed out, if a post is flagged for missing information, there's currently no way to unflag it if that information is added.

Considering the fact that even I, as a relatively new user, have a few flags from months ago that are still active, being able to unflag them would make sense: I can't imagine how many active flags more experienced users have, although I guess the ability to close vote reduces flagging activity significantly.

Also, this post has been used as reference for two three four (and counting) posts marked as duplicates, so I think it deserves a real answer.

Anecdotal: Of my 556 flags (not incl. spam or comment flags) I have 39 still waiting for review. 11 are within the last week so I'd imagine they're not yet quite lost in the backlog. I just flicked through a few pages and of the first 20 still "active" I'd perhaps retract 2. I do know that I have accidentally flagged at least 2 posts when I didn't mean to either from believing I was in a different tab or because I opened the dialog so I could copy-paste some text from it. Not sure whether they were accepted/rejected though in the end. –  indivisible Jul 16 at 21:22

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