Is stack overflow for design and architecture questions or just for technical questions?

Just technical questions, use for design and architecture questions – CodingIntrigue Apr 25 '14 at 12:29
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Check the Help Centre "What's on Topic" article.

In general - no. Such questions are beyond the scope of Stack Overflow (if your question doesn't have code, chances are good it isn't a good fit for Stack Overflow). It is suitable for specific programming issues.

You can, however, try posting on Programmers Stack Exchange, which has these in scope - though, please also check their Help Centre "What's on Topic" article before posting.


If you're talking about design in the context of the user-interface, there's also User Experience on StackExchange. Otherwise, design meaning the technical side of 'designing software', you better refer to Programmers as Oded already answered.


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