I was reviewing some questions that use the when I noticed the existence of the .

I really cannot imagine any situation where it would be useful. It is simply too general to have any meaning and I don't know of any technical usage that might justify its existence.

It is related to some other tags which would probably be more appropriate for most questions, for example for questions about implementation of object X in language Y.

There are about a dozen such questions and I already cleaned 2-3 of them, but then I thought that before continuing it would probably be better to ask here on meta whether its removal is the correct thing to do.

Makes sense. Would be like tagging a question broken or obvious –  RGraham Apr 25 at 11:28
Seems like the underlying tag still exists, but now has 0 users and followers. Has it been regenerated already? –  Maarten Bodewes - owlstead Apr 25 at 18:54
The empty tag reaper only runs once a day. I've put underlying on my list of 252 tags I keep dead. –  Charles Apr 25 at 20:16

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