The "close votes" queue contains a lot of questions that have some close votes, but not enough to close them.

Maybe some of them could be removed from the queue by adding a "keep open" option to questions with at least one close vote, regardless of how the question is being viewed, if the user has high enough reputation to review close votes. A "keep open" vote would make close votes start aging out, regardless of views, just as though it had been cast through the "close votes" queue. This could be done by someone working on questions in their favorite tags, without going into a separate review process.

Alternatively, allow preemptive "reopen" voting as soon as there is at least one close vote, without waiting for the question to accumulate 5 close votes.

I just came to the realization this feature is missing as well. –  jpmc26 May 15 '14 at 2:09
+1, pretty please with strawberries and a cherry on top, let us have this. I stopped counting times I've seen a question with one or more incorrect VTCs as a duplicate, or a basic but well-written question with an incorrect VTC as "typographical error." –  Angew Sep 15 '14 at 9:55
I just came across a question that had 2 "unclear what you're asking" votes against it, but it seemed perfectly clear to me. I would have liked to preemptively vote against one of the close votes - your final suggestion here would make it possible. –  James Thorpe Feb 10 at 9:50
@JamesThorpe Indeed, I also think close votes attract other close votes by other people who don't necessarily know what they're talking about. It's not just for "unclear what you're asking", that happens for "too broad" too (bizarrely quite probably from people who love so-called "canonical" questions, which by definition are bound to be on the broad side). Here is my latest similar experience: a question I had time to answer before it was closed. –  Bruno Jun 16 at 15:07
Why doesn't this question have an answer after a whole year, not even an [declined] tag. –  Mr Lister Aug 1 at 8:51

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