• What are favorite tags and ignored tags? How do they work?
  • What are tag subscriptions?
  • What are interesting tags?
  • On Stack Overflow, the content of the main page question list appears to be influenced by favorite and ignored tags. How does that work?

For more information, see "How do I find topics I'm interested in?" in the Help Center.

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Any specific reason for copying it here on MSO from MSE? – Aziz Shaikh Apr 24 '14 at 10:16
@AzizShaikh meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/251225/… – Stijn Apr 24 '14 at 10:45

Favorite Tags: Questions with these tags become highlighted, formerly known as "interesting tags."

Ignored Tags: Questions with these tags are shown faded; they are still visible but less prominent. Checking the "Hide Ignored Tags" box causes them to be hidden completely. (This is done by a client-side script however, so you may notice odd "gaps.")

On Stack Overflow, these preferences affect how questions are displayed on the home ("Recent questions") page and the various questions pages.

These options appear in the sidebar of the main page and under the user preference page (note that you can use wildcards to highlight or exclude multiple related tags):

user-editable lists of tags

See also: Expressing Your Tag Preferences.


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