With the expansion of Community Bulletin items and Careers on SO, the Favourite Tags section in the right hand pane of the main questions page has been pushed down the pecking order somewhat and on my display it's generally always off the page.

I use them quite heavily to aid navigation to my favourite tags. I see it as important content (might just be my opinion), but from a UI perspective, users shouldn't have to scroll to see important content.

Could we just move the Favourite Tags above the Community Bulletin like so:

enter image description here

When accessing Questions Tagged, the currently selected tag is displayed where I'm proposing, so it's not really consistent with that.

enter image description here

Favourite Tags isn't displayed at all when you're reading a question, which again I feel would aid navigation to questions I want to read/answer. If Favourite Tags could consistently be displayed above the Community Bulletin it would definitely create a smoother navigation experience.

Feature Request Summary:

  1. Display the favourite tags consistently either above/below the community bulletin so it is visible without scrolling on every page.
  2. Display the favourite tags when reading questions.


I'm wondering if there's ever a chance of this happening, as SO clearly has a requirement to promote Careers, so moving that down the pecking order may be counter productive for that promotion.

My navigation habits have changed slightly since posting this, especially when viewing a question. SO rather than click on Questions, I tend to navigate to the home page via the SO logo, just so I can click on the Favourite Tags, which is still above Careers on that specific page, as shown in this answer.

Ha - this question is now on the community bulletin so it has more prominence on my screen than my favourite tags... grrrr!! –  Tanner Apr 23 at 13:52
I dislike it more that the favorite tags are always seemingly placed on a different place, especially when other parts of the site (Community Bulletin, Careers) are lazily loaded. –  skiwi Apr 23 at 13:59
I also dislike that I have to scroll to get to my favorite tags, because it's basically the only thing that I use to find questions that I want to answer, the homepage is basically useless to me in that regard. However, consider this: if the Community Bulletin were placed below the fold, I'm less likely to have noticed this very question, and participate in important matters concerning Stack Overflow in general on Meta. Also, who knows, maybe you'll find your perfect job listed in the Careers 2.0 box, but only if it's constantly shoved in your face so that you'll notice :P –  Cupcake Apr 23 at 20:22
@Cupcake completely agree on the use of tags to find questions you want to answer and having to scroll to see them. This would hopefully change that. Either above or below the community bulletin would remove the need to scroll. –  Tanner Apr 24 at 7:40
I miss the favorite tags when you're viewing a question. –  Retired Ninja Apr 25 at 7:47
Hmm... so, is this gonna be applied to the site at some point? –  Neeku Jun 19 at 10:48
@Neeku your guess is as good as mine. No mod (or SO bod) has been in touch to say if this will be looked at or disregarded. –  Tanner Jun 19 at 23:17
Ah! That's a shame @Tanner. It's really annoying and more annoying is that they haven't been in touch to respond something about it... –  Neeku Jun 20 at 9:34

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Don't down vote me as not being an answer, I can't put image in comment.

It's great that SE listens to us. But better yet, why don't we have the "Favorite Tags" as drop down menu next to Achievements?

This will be the most efficient way to view list and go to Favorite Tags.


I am not sure how many times you guys want to jump to a different Favorite Tag when you are viewing a question, but I do a lot.

There isn't a quick way to open any other Favorite Tag (that section is not showing when you are viewing a question): FavTagNotHere


You have been half-listened: the favorite tags block is now between Community Bulletins and SO Careers :

enter image description here

This solution isn't bad, since tags and community bulletin are both visible at the beginning of the page (at least for me, on my little 16")

When you navigate to stackoverflow.com this is the case, with the "interesting" tab highlighted, but if you click "questions" here: stackoverflow.com/questions you see it's still in it's lowly position. –  Tanner Apr 23 at 14:40

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