may have > 1000 Questions, but it has < 10 followers. That must be due to its uselessness.

You have my permission to begin removal. –  Robert Harvey Apr 22 at 22:54
Don't you, as a mod, have a tool to remove it all at once? –  Tshepang Apr 22 at 22:57
Nope. See Also. –  Robert Harvey Apr 22 at 23:01
Should I be approving all the implementation removal edits that are now piling up in the queue? They link this post. Someone is trying to score big. –  Richard Scriven Apr 23 at 5:48
@Richard I'm going to start rejecting them. –  bjb568 Apr 23 at 6:16
I posted a question about it –  Richard Scriven Apr 23 at 6:18
@bjb568 Gotcha, I'm sorry! –  Luigi Apr 23 at 6:18

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