If we have a question to ask on MSO but it has already been asked/has an answer on MSE what should the correct process be?

  1. Wait for it to be migrated over from MSE?
  2. Flag it on MSE as "...pertains only to a specific site in the Stack Exchange Network."
  3. Ask the question and link to the MSE answer?
  4. Ask the question and copy the MSE answer?
  5. Not ask the question?
5 followed by 1 I suspect –  OGHaza Apr 22 at 14:09
If it's already been answered and you agree with that answer there's little reason to ask again is there? –  Ben Apr 22 at 14:38
If you found it has been asked and answered, what is the particular problem? –  Bart Apr 22 at 14:39
Surely we need to re-stock MSO as a Q&A resource in its own right? Otherwise users will forever be having to check two sites. –  dav_i Apr 22 at 14:42
IMO 2 is the only option worth talking about - I think it's covered by Shog here: How do I move a Question back from MSE to MSO - but before you go flagging: Should we flag questions on mSE that are strictly about SO? –  OGHaza Apr 22 at 15:13

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