When I downvote an answer, I lose 1 reputation point. But downvoting a question is free.

Is there any particular reason for that?

@Gracchus: Just the crappy ones, please. Nobody has a problem with well-worded, sufficiently-researched, on-topic, answerable questions. – Robert Harvey Apr 22 '14 at 15:11
@Gracchus: Bad questions just waste everyone's time. Bad answers are dealt with easily enough, and someone will come along with the correct one. As to a question bias, questions must go through a closing process first before they are dispatched, which is not true of answers. In that sense, I'd say questions get more preferential treatment. – Robert Harvey Apr 22 '14 at 15:23
@Gracchus: Oh, please. Spare us the histrionics. The way out is to ask better questions, not rail about some sense of entitlement. – Robert Harvey Apr 22 '14 at 15:30
@Gracchus, the only bias that concerns me is that 80% (or 99.6% in your case) of votes cast are upvotes despite the slew of terrible questions every minute.... – OGHaza Apr 23 '14 at 11:30
@OGHaza how do you see ones ratios, or are those just "internet statistics" (made up on the spot)? – mah Apr 23 '14 at 11:43
@Usman Votes on meta don't cost anything anyway. – Bleeding Fingers Apr 23 '14 at 12:13
@mah, no this data is available in SEDE (or for an individual user, on their public profile), I was quoting from memory (and hence rounding down to be on the safe side) a post from Shog9 that I can't find right now but you can query for yourself use this as a start point. 88% of votes by 5k+ rep users are up. (Some discussion from Shog9 though not the post I was looking for) – OGHaza Apr 23 '14 at 12:26
@Gracchus - asking questions is trivially easy. Any idiot can ask a question (and some do, sadly) and most people with room temperature IQ can ask a reasonably OK question that will be upvoted. Answering is hard, takes work and expertise. There are 100s of times more people who want to ask questions than want (and can) answer. – DVK Apr 25 '14 at 13:32
Does anybody really care about rep points? Come on people... – FastTrack Apr 25 '14 at 13:42
Totally care about rep points. @Gracchus is a bit off the reservation, but I would trade upvotes with him.... if he had any questions or answers – paqogomez Apr 25 '14 at 13:58
@Gracchus - SRSLY? Look at my least of answers. Plenty of them are/were well beyond "needing to be early", though I admit not all. Matter of fact, some of my questions require expertise and skill as well. As for this "decoder ring", it's called expertise... and SE is designed for experts. That's a feature, not a bug. – DVK Apr 25 '14 at 14:04
@Gracchus - Show me an asker who produced good valuable questions who left to other sites because of feeling their life was hard? – DVK Apr 25 '14 at 14:31
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Downvotes are an integral part of the automated system that evaluates question quality and blocks user accounts that can't formulate coherent questions.

People weren't downvoting questions because it was costing them reputation, so we removed the rep cost for questions. Evaluating questions costs people time; there really shouldn't be any more cost than that to voice your disapproval for an ill-conceived question.

Answers are different. When I'm posting an answer to a question, I am competing with other answerers for the precious repz, so there should be a cost for me to downvote their answers.

I see you point, but the free down vote for questions may encourage unnecessary down votes. – mmohab Apr 22 '14 at 0:59
@mmohab: In practice, free downvotes on questions seem to correctly reflect the quality of the question. – Robert Harvey Apr 22 '14 at 1:09
In general are there some checks if somebody downvotes all other/better scored answers just to have the highest votes answer? I can remember two cases/users who did that. – rekire Apr 22 '14 at 5:30
@rekire The system will detect this and reverse the serial downvotes: meta.stackexchange.com/q/126829/13 – Chris Jester-Young Apr 22 '14 at 11:21
Free upvotes on questions seem to encourage a lot more unnecessary upvotes of awful content. The system should give reputation to people who downvote the crap. – Wooble Apr 22 '14 at 11:33
@ChrisJester-Young I'm pretty sure the serial voting script only applies to targeting specific users, not simply downvoting all / most answers on a post. – Dukeling Apr 22 '14 at 12:15
IMO, downvotes are essentially free. -1 is nothing but a psychological effect. – luk32 Apr 22 '14 at 12:15
Same goes for getting down-voted. I was more unhappy when I got +1/-1 for getting -1 and living with a fact that someone's boldly disagreeing with me with out a comment. I still got a net of +8 rep. Of course with the exception of being wrong, getting fast -5 and begging to delete proofs of my incompetence. Down-vote's peer pressure is much greater than score pressure/"penalties". Sorry for a double but I went over 5 mins. – luk32 Apr 22 '14 at 12:25
Downvoting all of the other answers to give your answer better shot doesn't really help except very early in the answers' lives; you can only downvote them once, after all. – Joe Apr 22 '14 at 13:33
I have experience with down-voters, just missing some points in question, before I finish editing, someone vote down my question... – Hieu Vo Apr 22 '14 at 15:09
you could make it so that if you posted an answer, it will cost you to downvote someone. if not, it should be free imho – Acelasi Eu Apr 23 '14 at 11:27
Not sure for questions, but for answers the default -1 is ok for me, but it would be great if a comment added after the downvote would void the -1, this way I would think it twice about not leaving a comment after downvoting an answer – Jaime Hablutzel Apr 24 '14 at 5:40
@HieuVo - what's stopping you from first typing up the FULL question on text editor, and then posting the CORRECT final version to avoid wasting everyone else's time looking at your half-finished ones? – DVK Apr 25 '14 at 13:34
Shouldn't the system check if the downvoter has answered the same question and then decide whether to cost them reputation for downvoting other answers or not? It does not seem fair with people who are trying to improve the community content by putting their opinions or experience on what they think is correct. – Nikhil Girraj Jul 8 '15 at 9:58
When I have a problem and I am trying the different answers to see if any of those answers solve my problem, I don't downvote the answers that turn out to be incorrect, because of the -1 reputation cost. I agree with @NikhilGirraj. I think only those who answer the question should have to pay to downvote other answers; for unbiased users, they should be able to downvote answers that are incorrect without any cost. – Andrew Bucklin Dec 23 '15 at 23:13

The reasoning for this difference has been laid out in Stack Exchange blog as follows:

...we’re determined to keep question quality high, even at the cost of refusing a little sand. It’s true that you can’t have Q&A without questions, but having the wrong sorts of questions is far more dangerous. The fastest way to kill any Q&A site is to flood it with low-quality questions. I think Mark Trapp summed it up best in this meta answer:

To put it another way, when I go to a Stack Exchange home page, I see a list of questions. If most of those are terrible questions with little to no indication that I’d be wasting my time by reading them, the value proposition of visiting and participating is diminished: I have better things to do.

Compare that to answers on a specific question: I’ve made a conscious choice to look into what I think is an interesting question. I already made the decision that the question is worth my time. If I find the answers to be useless, I have a few different options, as an interested party, to register my displeasure, including writing my own answer. Being able to write your own answer is key: if your answer is good enough, it’ll rise above the junk answers and everyone will be better off for it.

There is no such action for question lists. I can’t say “these questions suck, show me this question I just thought up instead”: that’d be silly. So, it’s imperative the question list have a high signal-to-noise ratio, and removing the penalty for those users who do take the time to read a question and later find it to be useless so they can down-vote is conducive to that.

Fundamentally, answers can be filtered in ways that questions cannot...


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