Why must edits be at least 6 characters? There are some minor spelling mistakes which could be fixed by changing less than 6 characters; I think it would be nice to include them.

Edits bump questions to the front page. Accepted suggested edits can gain the suggester 2 rep (depending on current rep). We don't want trivial edits. Rarely is there a post that the only thing that requires fixing is within 6 characters. –  Oded Apr 21 at 19:37
You can always find 6 to change... see edit. –  Ben Apr 21 at 19:38
and I'm not going to get into an edit war with you but your latest change is incorrect... –  Ben Apr 21 at 19:40
@Oded can we allow edits less than 6 characters without 2 rep? many times I just want to fix spelling mistakes only –  mmohab Apr 21 at 19:40
@Ben I will let you do the correct editing :) no problem –  mmohab Apr 21 at 19:41
Why is it so important to fix all the typos? –  Oded Apr 21 at 19:41
@Oded why not? this will improve the site content and will be more accessible by search engines –  mmohab Apr 21 at 19:42
"many times I just want to fix spelling mistakes only" ... please let all your edits be complete. If this means you can't edit some posts, feel free to skip them. Someone else will pick it up at some point. There is nothing more annoying than seeing a post bumped to the front page because of an incomplete edit. And generally there are more than 6 characters the fix. –  Bart Apr 21 at 19:46
Would close as dupe, but the dupes are on meta.SE :( –  Will Apr 21 at 20:27
Why not let the typos be fixed and make the content better... but... edits of less than 6 characters (e.g. fixing 2-3 typos) DO NOT trigger any funkyness that bumps questions to the front page or give anyone else rep. Many times it jsut hurts too see an ovbious typo that could be fixeded. –  scunliffe Apr 21 at 22:54
yes @scunliffe that's what I am saying, sometimes there is no need other than to fix this simple typos. –  mmohab Apr 21 at 23:39
I just edited some code that had a typo, two characters, that wouldn't have worked if someone had copied-pasted. So that's one reason it's important to fix typos, @Oded. Also, I found the 6-character minimum very annoying when the only thing to do was edit two characters so code would work properly. I feel like there should be an exception to the 6-character minimum inside of a code block. –  Cyprus106 May 2 at 16:19
I'm looking at an answer that has one glaring one-character typo and that's it. It's really frustrating that I can't just fix it and move on; it shouldn't be taking this much of my time or anyone else's. The fact that fixing it would cause inappropriate repercussions looks to me like simply a flaw in the system that could be easily fixed in a much less intrusive way, as suggested by scunliffe above. –  Don Hatch May 10 at 11:11
Just now on Stack Overflow question 23979461 I had to not fix a pretty significant markdown formatting error in the question because the edit was only one character - although that one character edit meant that 18 characters were displayed that were previously hidden. Frustrating. –  Kaoru Jun 1 at 14:27
I just ran into a case of this where the original asker ommitted a single quote character from the very first line of their code example, which ruined the syntax (and thus the syntax highlighting) for the rest of the example. I wanted to fix it, but the rest of the post was too small to find some more "make work" for 5 other characters of changes. –  Fitzsimmons Jun 17 at 22:12

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Yes sometimes there's that little itchy edit you want to make, but...

Suggested edits make work for others

Each suggested edit has to be reviewed by multiple users to check it's OK, so we don't want to put people to the trouble for a single typo.

At 2000 rep you can make edits without review - it changes instantly.

We want to encourage people to make substantial edits

It's much more useful to the community if folks get in the habit of editing every problem out of a post - phrasing, spelling, typos, layout, syntax highlighting, formatting etc.

Having a lower limit on the number of characters you can change flags this up early on. (And insubstantial suggested edits will be rejected as such.)

Edits bump the question to the top of the homepage

Every time a question is edited, it goes to the top of the list. If tiny edits were allowed, this could happen too often, pushing more recently asked questions onto page 2.

Well, I just tried to make a one-letter edit that completely changes the meaning of what OP wrote: s/now/not/ and I can't do it. Could we change from "error" to "warning?" –  Bob Brown Nov 1 at 15:04

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