Let's say I post a question on the Microsoft Forum. But I don't get an adequate answer. Is there a way to quick-migrate it to Stackexchange or do I have to recompose it here ?

There should be a framework to unify all web-communities to reduce duplicate information if not for anything else.

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Um… no.

Useless. Can't you just copy-paste? Why do we need an import tool? What do you think this is?

To ask a question, you need to:

  • Have an on-topic problem
  • Try to solve it.
  • Try harder to solve it.
  • Write it in a way so that we can understand it
    • A clear title
    • Background information
    • The code
    • What you're trying to do
    • Your solution
    • Why it doesn't work
    • Your question (one sentence, on the bottom, with a question mark)

Forum questions almost always never get to step one.

Sorry, I meant to ask it at metastackexchange.com. I guess I posted it on the wrong site. but I guess I'd get the same answer there. I have seen the same issue being discussed in multiple forums. I just thought it'd be better if there is no duplication. – Ayan Mullick Apr 19 '14 at 6:00

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