Every day, when I take a look at my notifications on stackexchange.com I see the same set of answer migration notifications appearing over and over:

Repeated notifications - example

(They start out marked unread, this is just after I clicked on the menu).

Other notifications appear to be hidden or fail to appear. A while later, they appear, but seem to be already marked read, e.g.

After refresh

These notifications get marked read, but seem to reappear the next day.

It's been happening for about a week.

Update: If I visit stackoverflow.com first, instead of stackexchange.com, it does not seem to happen. Furthermore, it only seems to happen after the UTC midnight roll-over, not during the day.

Anyone else seeing the same?

In the unlikely event that it might matter, I'm running Chrome 31.0.1650.39 beta on Fedora 19 x64.


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I saw something like this today, but my inbox showed old election notices. I think what happened is all comments were omitted from display, but still marked as read on the server. –  Kevin Reid Mar 28 at 2:20
@KevinReid Yes, I think you're right, as I also seem to see "post edited" notices. I've also found that it only seems to happen on stackexchange.com its self, not stackoverflow.com, and only if I visit stackexchange.com first. –  Craig Ringer Mar 31 at 0:41

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