Say I have a Stackoverflow account using for login. However, on another computer, I have logged into Chrome using When I try to login to Stackoverlow on this computer, it detects Chrome login and asks me to Create a Stackoverflow ID with I don't even get an option to Login with another Google ID. Is there a workaround where I could be logged into Chrome with and be able to login to Stackoverflow using the account I made with

Relevance/Context: I have a Stackoverflow account with my personal Google ID. However, I have logged into Chrome at work with a different Google ID. I want to stay logged in into Chrome with work ID and use my StackOverlow account with personal ID.


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I use one Google account for Stack Overflow and related sites, and a different Google account for things like Science Fiction & Fantasy and Movies. I can move between each site or have sites open in multiple tabs and Stack Exchange uses the correct account for each.

You simply need to use Google's multiple login feature to be signed in to both your personal and work accounts.

Click your profile picture in the upper right on any Google site. (Gmail, for instance.) Click "Add Account". Choose the other account and sign in with those credentials.

Now, for those Google apps that support it, you can switch between the accounts (or, for some, have one account open in each tab for the same app.)

You might need to log out of the Stack Exchange site you want to change. Then when you go to log in and use your Google credentials, as long as you're logged in to both Google accounts you should be presented with a page (from Google) that lets you choose which account you want to use for the Open ID sign in.


You can do that by following these simple steps:

  1. Logout of your workID on gmail

  2. Login to your personal ID on gmail

  3. Login to stackoverflow(will automatically be logged in from your personal ID)

  4. Logout of gmail (your personal ID)

  5. Login to gmail using your work ID

  6. You are done :D

This is how I've managed as well. – Moberg Dec 18 '14 at 9:06
Inelegant, but worked. Thanks! – Anuj Jan 28 at 7:33

The google logon works for every tab in your browser. You can't use 2 simultanously with the exception of:

  • using a different browser (e.g. Firefox,Safari)
  • using personalized copies of Chrome
  • starting new chrome window/tab in private mode
This isn't true. I use two separate Google logins for Stack Exchange sites. I can have one site open in one tab with one account, and a different site open in a different tab in the same browser instance with a different Google account. I don't need to use incognito mode. – Fish Below the Ice Jul 15 '14 at 12:40

The workaround is to open up a second browser (Firefox or Safari)


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