Is there a Stack Exchange site where you can ask questions that are marked as off-topic on Stack Overflow because someone asked to recommend or find a tool, library or favorite off-site resource?


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Try Software Recommendations –  FallenAngel Apr 1 at 14:55
@FallenAngel But only Software, or Web Apps –  Mr. Alien Apr 1 at 15:04
And make sure you read Software Recommendations' ground rules very carefully before you ask there:… –  Brad Larson Apr 1 at 15:09

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Most recommendation questions are poorly specified magnets for spam and bikeshedding, so we don't accept questions of this type on any Stack Exchange site. If you're just looking for basic advice, there are much better resources available like Google and Amazon Reviews.

Software Recommendations has very specific requirements for their questions. Questions that meet those requirements would have been on-topic on Stack Overflow a couple of years ago. Today they are categorically off-topic, even if they are well-written.


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