I've seen a lot answers linking to pastebin and other sites. Some questions have very complicated long answers. I was wondering if Stack Exchange or Stack Overflow have any kind of plan to remedy this in the future so we can have all answers here on-site?

  1. If a link management / code management system is in development I would be real interested in knowing that.
  2. If there is a plan to allow automatic linking of code from pastebin or another site into its editor I would also be interested in knowing that.
  3. If there is a link to an answer for this question on another Stack Exchange website I would also accept that as an answer.

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Comment on answers that don't have code and just have a pastebin, or flag answers that don't have any code and just link to a pastebin. Questions that are in this state should be put on hold with the "off topic -> not reproducible because the code isn't in the question". –  George Stocker Apr 2 '14 at 13:47
For a good time: search 'url:pastebin.com' ordered by newest, last page and find the links where pastebin has expired. –  MichaelT Apr 2 '14 at 14:25

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