As of a few months ago, any attempt I make to post questions or answers to Stack Overflow from my work computers fails. I get a little red box that reads something like "There was a problem with the submission" and that's it - absolutely no further info whatsoever. I have no trouble on other sites, like the math site or the database site.

This happens from both a Linux/Firefox and a Windows/IE platform.

I have seen a few other questions like this here, but it seems that the questioners were dealing with things like image uploads or questions that went beyond the character limit. But I don't have anything like that. I thought it might be something with my company's firewall, but our sysadmins don't have any strong opinions on that and apparently no motivation to investigate.

I have tried disabling the pop up blocker and making sure that JavaScript can run, to no avail. Any ideas what could be going on?


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Can you post a screenshot? –  Michael Petrotta Apr 9 at 3:38
What are you posting? There have been reports of corporate firewalls overzealously blocking posts with SQL in them. –  Anna Lear Apr 9 at 4:27
No SQL. I am not trying to do anything other than good ol' ASCII. –  bob.sacamento Apr 10 at 3:48
I'm having the same problem. Screenshot here, and the POST is redirecting to /error?aspxerrorpath=/questions/23477348/answer/submit. –  chrylis May 5 at 17:07
That looks much like what I am getting. Don't know about the redirect. Thanks for the info. Anyone out there have any ideas? –  bob.sacamento May 6 at 4:31

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