This is regarding the [cocos2d] tag which is a synonym for the [cocos2d-iphone] tag.

Unfortunately many users type in "cocos2d" in their questions which expands to [cocos2d-iphone] even though their question has nothing to do with that specific version of cocos2d.

Here's the original [cocos2d] tag description a user sees when entering the tag:

enter image description here

However when I try to edit this tag it only shows the [cocos2d-iphone] description and clicking edit starts editing the description of [cocos2d-iphone].

enter image description here

I wanted to modify the [cocos2d] description so that it reads like the [cocos2d-iphone] tag description or maybe even just saying "DO NOT USE THIS TAG" (though I'm sure SO has developed better solutions for such cases).

Is it possible to edit the original [cocos2d] tag's description?

If not what else can/should be done about the confusing fact that people type [cocos2d] and hence add [cocos2d-iphone] tags even to unrelated questions concerning cocos2d-android, cocos2d-x, cocos2d-html5, and so on?

I'm all in favor of simply removing the [cocos2d] tag altogether (merge it into [cocos2d-iphone]) because there are very little overarching, unifying "cocos2d" elements and as is all questions relating multiple versions of the engine (or a common element) are being tagged with multiple cocos2d tags anyway. I've also retagged the few [cocos2d] (originally referring to [cocos2d-python]) tags in the past anyway, so there's no need in keeping the [cocos2d] tag come to think of it.


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Does this work for you? – rene Mar 13 '14 at 19:12
@rene thanks that worked! – LearnCocos2D Mar 13 '14 at 19:52
Why is cocos2d a synonym for cocos2d-iphone? If many users are typing cocos2d and not meaning cocos2d-iphone, then it should not be synonymous. – Yakk Jun 20 '14 at 13:55
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I assume you hit a bug but we have to wait for confirmation.

Until then you could use the following workaround:

Enter the following url directly in the addressbar of your browser:

and hit the edit tag wiki button.


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