There is Apache Spark, a distributed computing engine, and there is Spark, a component of Adobe Flex 4. People are tagging questions about both with , when they should instead be tagging them with or .

The clear description on does not appear to be enough to direct people one way or the other.

To avoid having to retag stuff constantly, I believe the appropriate procedure here is to retag existing questions once and then burninate the tag.


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What do you mean by "burninate the tag?" The way you do that is by removing the tag from each question, individually. –  Robert Harvey Mar 10 at 17:47
@rene: I created the synonym. –  Robert Harvey Mar 10 at 18:46
I think spark and spark-skinning are different things. Spark is the complete technology including skinning and actionscript. Retag and Burninate spark is not correct IMHO. –  rene Mar 10 at 18:56
We could try to get an edit in the wiki of spark to redirect users to the apache-spark tag but such edits are better done by 20K plus because they go thrtough the suggedted edit queue otherwise. –  rene Mar 10 at 18:58
@Robert - I always thought that "burninating" a tag meant somehow preventing people from tagging questions with that tag. If it just means retagging questions, then I guess I can take care of that, but I suspect the mis-tags will crop up again regularly. –  Nick Chammas Mar 10 at 20:59
@rene - I admit I am not familiar with Adobe Flex at all, so I'll take your word that Spark and Spark Skinning are different things. Certainly, neither one has anything to do with Apache Spark. –  Nick Chammas Mar 10 at 21:01
Is there a conclusion on this q? I was about to ask the same thing. –  maasg May 24 at 16:24
While we appreciate the efforts you are putting into cleaning up the site, don't forget to make your suggested edits substantial. If there are other issues with the post, address those too. Take into account that you are imposing on reviewer time here. –  Martijn Pieters Jul 3 at 8:02
If you cannot make substantial edits while retagging, then leave the retagging to 2k+ users. Even then, substantial edits are appreciated as you are bumping each and every one of those posts you are retagging. –  Martijn Pieters Jul 3 at 8:03
You've been lucky so far with robo-reviewers approving too many of your minor edits (where a retag left other problems in the post untouched) but you are heading for a suggested edit ban if you keep on editing like this. –  Martijn Pieters Jul 3 at 8:05
And, since the red flag meta post was not about the OP of this question, I'll remove my foot from my mouth and apologize. Sorry, Nick, I fired off too soon, this is not you. –  Martijn Pieters Jul 3 at 8:08
@MartijnPieters - No problem. I'm all for tag cleanups, but not in the manner reported here. I agree that, as much as is possible, re-tags should be made alongside other edits that improve the post. –  Nick Chammas Jul 3 at 15:22
Perhaps an adobe-spark tag should be created, and all existing spark questions migrated to apache-spark or adobe-spark as appropriate? The existing situation is confusing, and the tag wiki for spark clearly state it's for Apache Spark. –  Trebor Rude Sep 26 at 20:05

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