While reviewing edits on SO I came across an edit for the tag wiki of . It is obviously brand new, with 0 followers and 1 question tagged. This tag seems way overspecialized to me -- an android widget class name.

Do I just bring it up here with burnination and retag-request tags? Or is there some more streamlined flag moderation?

Or am I worrying about nothing?


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Just remove the tag, the system will clean it up when nothing is using it. –  Joe Apr 4 at 12:53
If there isn't really much point of having a particular tag, just remove it -- it will be auto-deleted at 3am UTC. –  Qantas 94 Heavy Apr 4 at 12:53
burnination is for tags people keep using, often a pace so high that one or more questions is tagged with it at any given time. Highly specific "useless" tags will go away with no more work than removing them from the single question where they were used. –  Kate Gregory Apr 4 at 12:59
Thanks all. That was easy. Though one of the question's editors added the tag back -- I guess he feels strongly about it ;) Moving on now. Thanks again. –  mjhm Apr 4 at 13:56
There is now 85 questions with the tag. –  gunr2171 Nov 24 at 19:39
I guess the moral of the story is that tags have to start somewhere. From a rudimentary search, swiperefreshlayout was a new feature around the time this question was asked, which would explain the initial lack of questions and steady trickle afterwards. –  Compass Nov 24 at 19:55

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