SO is very useful for us go get answer of our queries and give answer to other queries to help others.

Many user accept the answer sometimes so that we conclude that either that answer satisfied questioner requirement up-to certain limit but what if answers are there but no accepted any answer.

My concern is if any one get the answer from SO then he or she should have to accept it or not and if he or she get any other solution then should have to post on SO.

This will be really helpful to all SO uses.

Votes are often a good proxy for quality. Thats what they are for –  Richard Tingle Apr 18 at 8:45
'should have to accept it' how do you manage that? How do you distinguish between a clear answer that should be accepted and hasn't after a long time, and a not-so-good answer to a question that still is missing a good answer? –  serakfalcon Apr 18 at 8:46
There is a possible case that the question is answered before the OP can accept it. He tries the answer and it works, and the OP leaves and never comes back to SO, without giving any indicator that the answer really works. Meanwhile, as already stated by other, votes are generally a good representation if the answer is helpful (that is, working) or not. –  Andrew T. Apr 18 at 12:12

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