Basically, I rejected the addition of "test12345" to a post as (minor case of) vandalism. Got to the next to-be-reviewed post, everything fine so far. Out of interest (amount of robo-accepts) I switched back in the browser history and actualized the page. There it showed that I've reviewed that post already, and the decisions of other reviewers.

The funny thing is, the text changed in the meantime. Not much better, but nothing vandalism-like anymore, and it got some accepts too.

Maybe I'm too stupid to understand the system, but how is this possible? If it was another edit, shouldn't it get its own review page?

Here is the edit (All votes together it got rejected, but that's not the problem) If it was another edit, I think it shouldn't overwrite the old one's review.

(And, why so many people here hate line breaks?) –  deviantfan Apr 17 at 13:41
Your original revision looked more like a poem...not much todo with hate...this is much better and TheGuyWithThaeHat fixed a couple of typo's when he was at it. –  rene Apr 17 at 13:44
People don't hate line breaks @deviantfan - they like readable posts as this is a question and answer site and the point of the entire thing is for a post to be easily understandable and consistent with established norms. As this is not a poem the line breaks are inconsistent with those norms. Your question is meant to be prose, make it prose. –  Ben Apr 17 at 13:46
Was there ever an answer to this? I just realised that when I suggested an edit, and then went an added some more to the edit, because I realised I missed something, the suggested edit instance stays the same. So when I suggested the edited edit, it ALREADY had two 'approves' before anyone was able to even see it –  Illidanek Jun 10 at 11:49
@Illidanek: Glad to see I´m not the only one, so it´s really a bug and not my fault :) Until now, there was no reaction other than the linebreak-comments above. But there are many more open bugs here (older ones than mine too), so it´s not that unusual... –  deviantfan Jun 10 at 12:00
(and another occurance: When I reviewed, it wasn´t improved but worse then before. After I reviewed...) –  deviantfan Jun 10 at 12:55

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