I would like to consolidate and into a new . Nivo Slider is technically two words and the existing doesn't follow our naming convention (as pointed out by @Jonathan Hobbs below). I cannot create the new tag with the hyphen because it is too similar to the version without it.

Can somebody add the tag so I can begin to go through these questions and retag them?

The existing and will need to be made synonyms of the new tag.


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Bump. This issue still needs to be addressed. –  Michael Irigoyen Jun 28 at 5:12
I came here to request the same thing and found this request already posted nine months ago. We need to take care of this as the tag usage is almost evenly split between nivo and nivoslider, and both with identical descriptions. At the very least, these should be merged or synonym-ized. –  Sparky Sep 18 at 14:21
@Sparky Good luck, I've put on bounty on this. I've edited it a dozen times, trying to bring attention to it and no one seems to want to take the 5 seconds to create a new tag. –  Michael Irigoyen Sep 18 at 15:06
Seems like a task for a moderator. –  Deduplicator Sep 18 at 19:30

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Beyond that, Nivo Slider is two words, so by convention, the tag should really be . We don't drop spaces in names in tags, we hyphenate them.

Excellent point. –  Michael Irigoyen Jan 22 at 0:24

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