The new MSE banner & logo is beautiful...Are there any plans to update the Stack Overflow design at any point to fit in with the roundedness of the other sites?

Meta banner

I really like the rounded cleanliness on the other sites, as opposed to SO's blockiness:

Rounded tags

Roundedness and blockiness were the best words I could come up with to describe the UI :)

I was actually going to point out that MSE is broken because it has too much colour for a meta site. –  Joe Apr 17 at 13:10
For those interested, just got a design makeover. –  John Apr 17 at 15:43
@John of course they would... –  serakfalcon Apr 18 at 8:43

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Not, well, not any time in the near future anyway. If you take a look at the meta sites for all of the trilogy sites (Stack Overflow, Super User, Server Fault) - you'll notice that they're basically the same and this is quite intentional.

What has been kicked around a bit is the idea of updating the 'beta blue' theme that new beta (and child meta) sites inherit, but that's pretty much all it has been, kicking the idea around.

I don't think we'd be downright opposed to giving the trilogy meta design some love, but it's not really high on the priority list, at least for now.

But, who knows - Jin might just get inspired and then magic happens, but he's got to have time for that too :)

Can you please make everything full-width? I hate this tiny strip down the middle of my huge expensive monitor. –  bjb568 Apr 18 at 0:30
@bjb568 The TeX community loves talking about the readability of wide margins (which I agree with), but something should definitely be done. Maybe left justifying with smart use of two-column, like putting edit boxes in the second column and preview in the first? –  Trevor Alexander Jun 24 at 2:08

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