The title says it all, why are we getting yearling badges on MSO for a site that is 1 day old?

... because meta. –  hichris123 Apr 17 at 2:05
@hichris123 comments are not for answers, please post it as one :D –  Qantas 94 Heavy Apr 17 at 2:08
@OneKitten I was going to post an answer... but then I got busy. :( –  hichris123 Apr 17 at 2:08
Why don't I have one yet :( –  AAA Apr 17 at 2:12
I don't know about you, but I feel like I've always been here. –  Shog9 Apr 17 at 2:16
@djechlin: you don't belong here. Go away. –  Qantas 94 Heavy Apr 17 at 2:43
@OneKitten flagged as offensive? :P –  Blue Ice Apr 17 at 3:44
As long as it doesn't bother me all day with repeated notifications it doesn't really meta to me. –  Chris Wesseling Apr 24 at 9:27
@hichris123 I was gonna post an answer, but then.... –  Jonast92 Dec 9 at 10:17

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Because the badge fairy is granting you extra badges.

enter image description here


Technically this site has always existed. It's just been broken off from MSE, which has also always existed. Something something Eastasia.

I get it now. My account was created almost 3 years ago, and I visted the site on one day. The day the account was created. Which is today. Which is 3 years ago. How could I miss that? –  bfavaretto Apr 17 at 2:33
+1 because I like the idea that Kevin Montrose is a big tinkerbell fan. No particular reason to like that. I just do. –  Jaydles Apr 17 at 2:37
+1 meta.SO has always been at war with meta.SE. –  IQAndreas Apr 17 at 5:51
If we didn't have timestamps I'd insist this was the inspiration for Friday. –  Qix Apr 18 at 3:17

Your meta.SO account is linked to your SO account, just like all other child meta sites, therefore, it is technically (supposed to be) as old as your SO account. This is just a side effect of the split.

But I like the alternate theory better: "because meta." ;)

And I'm not sure it's that linked, on other metas yearling badges are independent, and so is the first/last access dates, days visited etc. –  bfavaretto Apr 17 at 2:07
"Because meta" explains it better :) –  bfavaretto Apr 17 at 2:08
Meta, because meta - meta. –  Tim Post Apr 17 at 2:10

You are correct - a child account of the parent site (in this case is copied and badge grants will run as if you created the account the day you signed up for

BTW - Kevin wins this time..

I was wrong, Doorknob and OneKitten were right. –  bfavaretto Apr 17 at 2:16

Because the yearling badge has been retroactively applied to your SO account, as you would have got an account together with your SO account if the standard child meta was used.

In this case, I should get more of those. –  bfavaretto Apr 17 at 2:06
@bfavaretto Caching, always caching. Wait a few minutes. –  Doorknob 冰 Apr 17 at 2:07
@bfavaretto: I got one each hour until I reached the five that were "owed" me. –  Al E. Apr 18 at 2:22

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