I've made 30 points on this answer today.

But this reputation is not showing up in the Achievements dropdown: accessible by clicking the icon to the right of the Inbox button.

My reputation counter is OK though.

Following the +2 on this question, I can see the +10 reputation for meta, but not the points for SO.

Achievements dropdown

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When you click on the icon, what does the dropdown show? What browser and what OS are you using? –  Martijn Pieters Feb 7 at 14:08
Have you placed a bounty anywhere on the network recently? –  Richard Tingle Feb 7 at 14:15
I haven't placed a bounty. I'm using Chrome. The dropdown shows the achievements as at the end of yesterday. –  Bathsheba Feb 7 at 14:25
I'm having a similar problem, I wasn't notified about the acheivements but when I clicked the box the messages were there. –  Mhmd Feb 7 at 18:18
I see you deleted the answer then undeleted it. Maybe the achievements dialog check if post was ever deleted instead of checking current status. @Oded can you follow this lead? –  Shadow Wizard Feb 10 at 12:30
@ShadowWizard - that might be the case. –  Oded Feb 10 at 12:32
@Oded cheers, want me try and reproduce? –  Shadow Wizard Feb 10 at 12:35
@ShadowWizard - asking around first –  Oded Feb 10 at 12:41
@Oded bump... did you have a chance to ask around? –  Shadow Wizard Feb 25 at 21:57
@ShadowWizard - did ask, and though we did see the issue, were not able to repro. –  Oded Feb 26 at 9:11
@Oded OK, will try to repro by deleting then undeleting my next answer then I'll keep watch and see if I get upvotes and it won't appear in the top bar it's a bingo. –  Shadow Wizard Feb 26 at 9:13
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