I'm trying to help with the effort in Close all the typo questions. Is there a way that order the results of a search to have oldest-close-votes (those nearest to expiring) at the top of the results? Or is there a way to add number of close votes to the search critera?

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We do not index the number of close votes on a question (nor would how we store them trigger a re-index), so no...sorting by this isn't possible. You would need to use Stack Exchange Data Explorer or our public data dump to perform such a query.

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To show oldest results first use Order By in Query. Like...

select a.Id as [Post Link], a.Body
from Posts q
inner join Posts a on a.Id = q.AcceptedAnswerId -- only check accepted answers
where len(a.Body) < 200 -- posts less than 200 chars can be a giveaway
and q.ClosedDate IS NULL -- only search open questions
and (
      lower(a.Body) like '%typo%'
   or lower(a.Body) like '%spelled wrong%'
   or lower(a.Body) like '%spelled incorrectly%' -- add more...
Order By a.ID Desc

See the last line Order By a.ID Desc

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