Here's the problem.

  1. Click tags
  2. Hover over a tag
  3. Mouse DIRECTLY to 'subscribe'

What happens?

The popup disappears if you go directly. You have to go down first, then over.

What should happen?

You should be able to pick 'subscribe' without that bad UX.

Two solutions come to mind.

  1. Apple's original solution from the original mac was a timeout. Menus don't disappear for 1/4 second or something like that so that you avoid that problem of being off one or the other for a moment.

  2. Add some invisible div that encompasses the area contained by both the tag and its hover popup and only make the hover popup disappear when the mouse is out of that area.

Come on man. Joel harps on good vs bad UI design. He even has a book on it. Please improve this :-D

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