When italics are applied within a link tag, em { color: black; } overrides a { color: #938322; }, with the result that the link is indistinguishable from other italic text on the mobile site:


screenshot demonstrating what I'm talking about


Italic text
Bold text

A link
Linked italic text
Linked bold text

An italicized link
A boldfaced link


*Italic text*  
**Bold text**

[A link](http://s.tk/)  
[*Linked italic text*](http://s.tk/)  
[**Linked bold text**](http://s.tk/)

*[An italicized link](http://s.tk/)*  
**[A boldfaced link](http://s.tk/)**

To anyone else who's wondering: the default font color is #222. Italic text is apparently darkened to help compensate for its lighter weight.

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I also see this. –  cbroughton Nov 12 '11 at 12:50
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