I came across (85 instances), and (20 instances).

I've already gone through, and found the ones related to closed-captioning, along with a bunch of others that were not tagged but related to CC, and tagged them .

What's left generally refers to ways to do image captioning in HTML or through things like LightBox; a couple refer to the HTML4 <CAPTION> tag.

Occasionally people will reference to "window captions" where what they mean is the text in the title bar of a window, such as in How to get captions of actual windows currently running?

That is perhaps better called a "window title" but the Microsoft Win32 API (at least) jumps all over the map, setting it with WM_SETTEXT ("window text"?), and getting system metrics about it like the Y height with constants like SM_CYCAPTION.

I'd unify and , and stick with those as being for explanatory labels on images/graphs/tables. As for whether to create a or not, it seems perhaps common enough to be useful, isn't it?

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